Perfection from the very beginning.

More than just a multi-stage fertiliser blend, Reiziger hydroponic nutrients represent a leap forward in nutrient formulation for sophisticated connoisseurs and serious students of plant botany.


Every aspect of the formula has been refined using the best ingredients, to ensure the purest and most effective nutrition. From the chelation of the micronutrients, to the proprietary phosphorus, to the nutrient ratio balance, each component is designed to help gain full advantage from any hydroponic system.


Dedicated pedigree seed breeders and growers seek sophistication and precision in their craft and Reiziger nutrients are everything they need in a premium hydroponics formula, maybe more.



Lush green leaves, strong stems and healthy root growth.

Boasting a legendary tried and tested 30 year old Dutch recipe, this 2-part nutrient system for the growing phase promotes vigorous growth rates, creating the optimal platform for high yields.

  • Higher-grade nitrate nitrogen rich formula for enhanced vigour and vibrancy.

  • Double action formula feeds instantly for healthy, energetic compact growth.

  • Free of toxic contaminates for healthy plants and systems.

  • Automatically stabilises pH avoiding stress and nutrient deficiencies.

  • Exclusive phosphorus gives plants a quick boost and generates lush early root growth.

  • Up to twice the concentration of active ingredients than other brands.




Maximum flower and fruit yields with a fuller, rounder taste.

With an extraordinarily high mineral content, this 2-part hydroponic nutrient system for the flower stage contributes to unmatched quality in high metabolism, fruiting and flowering annual plants.

  • Phosphorus technology multiplies the quantity, bulk, potency, fragrance and flavour.

  • Balanced macro and micronutrient formulation means less frequent nutrient changes.

  • Increased Ca, Fe and Mg levels help deliver gains in crop strength, colour and size.

  • Formula is self-cleaning, keeping irrigation clean while preventing blockages.

  • Nutrient absorption boosters allow crop to feed, regardless of unforeseen pH variances.

  • Produces consistent, powerful plants with compact bud growth and a superior appearance.